OE & Reman Products

If you're looking for quality OE and remanufactured products such as AC compressors, electronic throttle bodies, and EGR values and coolers—we've got you covered. Remanufactured parts produced from OEM tooling are critical when it comes to the aftermarket industry. These parts should include all of the detail items in their exact locations such as tabs and mounting points. All of the products we sell are brand new and have never been in a vehicle on the road. Our remanufactured products come directly from OEMs and have been refinished by the manufacturers we work with to better fit alternative parts.

DMac Industries has reliable aftermarket AC compressor parts for both mechanical and electric vehicles. We also carry specialty products to tackle your unique projects!

We can be your OE or remanufactured source for electronic throttle bodies. With reliable and affordable options, DMac looks to provide the best aftermarket products possible.

As a source of new or remanufactured Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves, we provide options for improving engine efficiency while keeping prices within budget.

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