J8 Jeep build

The J8 troop carrier was a complete frame up build.

General Assumptions of the build:

  • There were 34 vehicles in the J8 build and 34 Jankel Troop kits.
  • The MRD date for the vehicles is 11-22-2010 to completion of 02-15-2011
  • The J8 vehicles were hoist builds.

For the build DMac provided:

  • 34 vehicles for Jankel Tactical Systems.
  • Necessary Program Management and Integration required.
  • Technicians, Fabricators and Data Coordinators to support the project.
  • Shop space and part storage required for the program.
  • All the shop equipment required for the project.
  • DMac maintained an inventory of parts for the program.

Chrysler/Jankel provided all the components and materials for the complete build as well as the Procedures and Bill of Materials.

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